R.J. Jerome grew up in historic Bristol, Pennsylvania, where his interest in secret societies, the paranormal, and religions was born.

Secret societies and religions have always intrigued him. He spends most of his free time researching these topics. They fuel the imagination. He once attended a private lecture at the Gloucester Cathedral where he witnessed two priests debating over an old scroll. This spawned the idea for ‘The Pelagius Game’ series. He spent the next four years researching missing texts, attending more lectures, and constructing narratives for six books.

When starting the project, R.J. needed a title for his series and he remembered stumbling across Pelagianism, a theological theory named after the British monk, Pelagius. Pelagius believed that original sin did not taint human nature and a mortal's will is still capable of choosing good or evil without special Divine aid.

From this, R.J. constructed the idea of a competition between God and Satan using gifted beings as pawns in a cosmic game that determines the end of days.

When not busy researching religions and secret societies, you can find R.J. discussing Manchester City FC, craft beer, red wine, and absinthe's.