The PELAGIUS GAME, that’s what it’s called—the game that has been ongoing between God and Satan for eons.

In order to save the world from an apocalyptic doom, nineteen-year-old Timothy Anderson, a cursed young man with a haunted past, has kidnapped a priest, Michael Olshefski, the new headmaster of the Pelagius Order, a training ground of a secret religious society. Tim must expose the true wicked desires of the Order’s leaders to the kidnapped priest. He needs this man’s trust and permission to enter the Holy ground so he can have his revenge on those who betrayed him. But Tim knows mere words will not convince the priest—only tasting the memories locked inside his magical blood will do that.

To the members of the Order of Pelagius, there is no greater honor than to march through Valstain, the magical realm between Heaven and Earth, and do battle against the Unholy One’s champions. In 1962, thirteen warriors did just that. Armed only with their swords, hammers and supernatural abilities, the warriors battled against magical beasts, fell under the spell of forbidden love and betrayed one another with each step. Thirteen men went into Valstain, but only one man, Jake Randolph, was said to have escaped the game’s rules on a technicality. He was murdered by one of his own players over the affection of Lilith, a vampiric woman, and therefore the Order awaits his return in hopes to finish the Pelagius Game once and for all— and on God’s side.

It has been said that once a man has entered Valstain, he is never the same again, and that is exactly what the forces of evil are counting on.


Born Villain, the second book in the Pelagius Game series, continues the tale of R.J. Jerome’s signature fantasy world, Valstain. Though many have perished inside the magical world of Valstain, a precious few survived its torment. Together, those survivors unite, vowing to stop Pope Orlandis’ evil plan in becoming the ultimate ruler of Earth. But in Orlandis’ idea of a perfect world, something else sinister was rising from the darkness, something with an unquenchable thirst to release the mother of all sin.

Born Villain continues the journey of heroes, Timothy Anderson and Scott McCree as they battle evil in an attempt to bring balance back to the Church, and win the Pelagius Game for God’s side.

 The Pelagius Game Book 2: Born Villain